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Course Duration: 40 days

Start dates: 6 January, 2 March, 4 May, 29 June, 24 August, 19 October 2020

The Introduction to Basic Industrial Electrical Techniques and Procedures is for the new electrician and will focus on all the fundamentals needed to work on domestic electrical systems. This course will teach, educate, instruct and prepare you, on how electricity is safely distributed to all consumers. You will be instructed, trained and assessed by suitably qualified experts in both the theory and practical work in fully equipped workshops. In this environment your theory and practical skills will be tested and improved upon. You will learn, in a practical workshop environment from industry experts. All modules are done in practice, in a fully equipped workshop allowing you to immediately use your practical skills rather than a theoretical environment


Process explained

Step 1: Enroll for the Basic Electrical Level 1-7  training course

Step 2: Gain 3-4 years work experience in the Electrical trade industry (depending on your highest education)

Step 3: Enrol for the Prep – training course for the Red Seal Certification

Step 4: Start your 3 weeks training, during your second/third week your interview will be conducted…

Step 5: After interview, your application for Trade Test is submitted to CITA, awaiting approval/serial number…. Once received, you will return for your final week training.

Step 6:  On completion of your Red Seal certification – you will be able to trade as a qualified Red Seal Electrician

Areas addressed in the course

Level 0 – Orientation

Level 1 – Basic Skills

  1. Regulations

  2. Safety

  3. Safety Precautions in the Industry

  4. Introduction to Electricity

  5. Principles of Electricity

  6. Features of Electricity

  7. Electrical Distribution

  8. Electrical Circuits


Level 2 – Basic Electrical

Basic Hand Tools


Tools typical in the Electrical Trade

  • Screwdrivers

  • Pliers

  • Hacksaws

  • Vices

  • Hammers

  • Wrenches

  • Chisels and Punches

  • Files

  • Pedestal Grinders

  • Drilling and Drilling machines


Portable Electric Tools

  • Electrical hand drilling machine

  • Electrical jigsaw

  • Electrical baby grinder

  • Electrical cut off machine


Level 3 – Wiring (Construction)

         1          An introduction to SANS 10142 – 1

         2          Electrical Symbols

         3          Electrical Calculations

        4          Electrical Measuring Equipment

        5          Protection Devices


Intermediate Modules: (4 weeks)


Level 4 – Transformers

  1. Component Identification and Selection

  2. Cables and their application

  3. PVC Conduit


Level 5 – DC motors

  1. Principles of operation

  2. Single phase Transformer

  3. Three phase Transformer

  4. Use of Transformers


Level 6 – AC motors

  1. Direct Current Motors

    1. Principle of operation

    2. Common motor starters

  2. Alternating Current Motors

    1. Component Identification

    2. Installation and testing

    3. Single phase motors

    4. Three phase motors

    5. Slipring motors

    6. Motor starters


Level 7 – Testing & Fault Finding

  1. Appliances

  2. Inspection

  3. Testing

  4. Fault-finding

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