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Our online learning platform is live: 1st Online session has started on Thursday 2 April 2020

Please ensure that enrollments are finalized by Fridays (every week) to ensure login success for 1st session on each Monday… New intakes will end every Friday..
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Step 1

Submissions and enrollments will continue as normal via email

Documents submitted will be checked and feedback provided if any corrections needed

Step 2

Once payment receipt/or proof of payment sent to – enrollment will be confirmed

Step 3

Check you internet speed, as well as your device – make sure video playing and streaming is possible

Step 4

On Mondays /Wednesdays we will have a conference meeting testing session – This will allow new enrolled students to test stability, login procedure, testing program, and device video and microphone settings. All schedules and times will be made available, Once enrollment confirmed.

Step 5

From Thursday 2 April 2020, sessions will start. Running every second day, having 1 session on each of those days (a morning and afternoon session).

Step 6

An Estimated 6 sessions will be completed to ensure a good understanding of each module for your Plumbing Trade Test.

Step 7

Once Lockdown lifted, the candidate will be assessed on progress in our fully equip workshops. It will then be established if candidate needs 2 / or 3 weeks practical training.

Step 8

ARPL assessment will be completed, and Trade Test examination arranged.

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