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Course duration: 15 days


The Plumbing Trade Test Preparation course is for the Plumber with experience that would like to write his trade test. This course will ensure that you are well prepared before writing the Trade test. This will be ensured by practically testing all aspects of the trade, identifying the gaps and ensuring that those gaps are filled. You will learn, in a practical workshop environment from industry experts. All modules are done in a fully equipped workshop allowing you to immediately use your practical skills rather than a theoretical environment


Course explained

This course is designed to prepare plumber apprentices for their Red Seal Trade Test 

It covers the following modules:

Install a basin 

Install a GMS Gutter and shoe

Cut, bend and assemble copper piping

Install a push through geyser

Make and install a GMS Chimney Flashing

Install a shower

Install a water closet

Install a drainage system

Fabricate and fit a GMS vent pipe flashing

Intensive and specialized training in both theory and practical of the above modules will be conducted according to the specification and requirements of the NAMB curriculum.

New Process

New candidates may start their training on any given Monday. Each candidate has a different examination date and to accommodate we have cubicles that allows rotation of each module. The preparation is all practical installation tasks.

What the NEW process entails: (implemented Oct 2019)

The candidate will start his/her training – during the 2nd week of training an ARPL assessment to establish Trade Test Readiness will be conducted.

If failed, candidate will have opportunity to re attempt with a 2nd interview after another briefing during the 3rd week

The application will then be submitted to SETA for serial number request, and then examination date will be scheduled. The candidate will then return for final week training prior to examination date….

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